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Five Romantic Winter Places at Switzerland

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Who said romantic vacations only occur in tropical places in summer? We still can have romantic vacations in the most freezing places on earth. Switzerland is one of them. This country offers years of experience serving people from around the world to get unforgetable vacations. Even warm atmosphere at the coldest places. Romantic winter places in Switzerland can provide many unforgettable moments.

Five Romantic Winter Places at Switzerland

There are so many hard to forget tourist destinations in Switzerland but this time we only show you seven of them. These seven magnificent places are the most breathtaking places that hard to find outside of Switzerland. 

St. Moritz

This tourist destination named after Christian Saint that fallen at Switzerland in the 3rd century, Saint Maurice. This place then became pilgrimage mostly by ill people.

The story of the St. Moritz asa a winter resort begins in 1864 when four British summer guests visiting this place. This is not only remarking the beginning of St. Moritz winter tourism but also the Alps as a whole.

When the visitors to St. Moritz became higher and higher, the infrastructure built to serve the visitors. Hotels, ellectricities, transportatios, built faster than Usain Bolt records.

Nowadays, the visitor just needs to take his or her spouse to visit this place. Everything else will be romantic automatically.

Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau is named after one of the highest mountains in the region, Jungfrau Mountain. This region consists of six towns, Grindewald, Murren, Lauterbrunnen, Interlaken, Unterseen, and Wengen. The region that is located at the foot of the Bernese Alps consists of two great valleys named Grindewald and Lauter brunnen.

The Jungfrau Region is not only populas because of its mountain scenery but also of its lakes. There are two lakes that have romantic atmosphere at every season, including winter, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

The Jungfrau Region is not only populas because of its mountain scenery but also of its lakes. There are two lakes that have romantic atmosphere at every season, including winter, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.


There is not winter vacation in Switzerland without skiing. Because you cannot find better place to ski outside Switzerland. Talking about ski, the most romantic winter place at Switzerland to visit is Zermatt.

Zermatt is a little town with a population of under six thousand people. This beautiful town lies 1,620 m above sea level. Before tourism took over, Zermatt was an agricultural village.

Since the development of tourism facilities, the economics of this town gradually depends on tourism. Most of Zermatt’s inhabitants work in hospitality and other tourism-related fields.

The gorgeous scenery of Zermatt is evergreen. Worrying is not necessary if missing the winter because this town is still romantically cold even after the ice meltdown.


Montreux is a municipality and town at the heart of Switzerland. Just name your favorite romantic atmosphere, you can find it at Montreux. The cold breeze of mountains, lake, and river. Pasture, agriculture, viniculture, until dense forest with green scenery will fill your heart with love.

The best time to visit this place for romantic purposes is July. Since 1967 the romantic Montreux Jazz Festival has been held every year in that month.

Of course, we can visit Montreux the other month. The atmosphere would be better to someone that does not count the music as spice of their romantic life.

Montreux tourism is also supported by several public transportation that make tourists’ movement easier. Geneva International airport is not far. Train station ready to serve the travelers.

The favorite activity in winter is skiing but in other seasons we can just walk or visit festivals or vineyards. Visiting old and historical buildings is also suggested when the tourists visit Montreux. The Audiorama is the most recommended one.


The mountain village and municipality in the canton of Uri is less than 30 km from the capital of Uri, Altdorf. A ndermatt lies at 1,437 m above sea level.

Andermatt tourism activities have up and down experiences that made the inhabitants have to change their economics activities. The revival of Andermatt tourism activities begun at the early 21st century. The visitors of other Switzerland resort such as St. Moritz and Montreux need some alternative place. Andermatt also offers lower expenditure to the tourists but competitive romantic winter places at Switzerland atmosphere and sevices.

Nowadays, Andermatt has two main ski grounds called Natschen and Gemsstock. As same as the other ski grounds, these two places recommended to visited at the winter. Those two skesi ground are accessible by ski lift and railway. More tourist accommodation and transportations still developed by the local government to attract more tourists.

Of course, there are more romantic winter places at Switzerland. But you need more than a year to explore them one by one. These five romantic places can represent all of them. Giving you an unforgettable cold romantic experience that you cannot find in other places on earth.

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